TGR Software

Engineering TGR is a web portal for providing miscellaneous information regarding attendance and student records. This information is provided by TGR Application for registered and verified student. In TGR, teacher provides information regarding mid - semester marks, Pre University Test (P.U.T.) marks and attendance of student. Engineering TGR has various modes of operations using different platforms like android application (apk software) and web information. This platform is having various modes of working for different level of users such as Admin, Director, HODs, faculties, and students of the college. Different user levels has different rights such as uploading students, watching semester wise/subject wise/Branch wise/College wise attendance. Send mails and SMS to absentee students and their parents and SMS to faculties and HODs for scheduled information updates.

Engineering TGR supports to upload assignment list and their grading. This platform created for college purpose to maintain important data of all student and teachers. It is very useful for school/college students as they are updated continuously and users can chat with friends.